The results page below offers detailed information and advice on how the selected foreign qualification compares to an award and/or level on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). You can also download and print a Comparability Statement which offers a useful summary of the information. A user-guide is available here to provide additional information We welcome your feedback. Should you have any questions on the information or advice provided here, you can submit a query through the QHelp.

Qualification Profile

Comparability Statement

Title of Foreign Award

Diplom-[subject area]

Title of Award in English

Graduate-[subject area]

Additional Information

Minimum duration 4.5 years



Type of Education

Higher Education

Recognised Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Credit Type

Credit Value

National Framework Level in country of origin

EQF Level


Bologna Cycle

Second Cycle (end of cycle) qualification

Irish NFQ Award Class

Masters Degree

Irish NFQ Level


First Published


Country Education Profile

Sample Document

Award Profile

Access Requirements: General Higher Education Entrance Qualification (HEEQ). As with the Magister Atrium, a certificate for completing the first half of the degree Grundstudium, is likely to be awarded.