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Content Development for Film and Television

Programme Purpose

This is a full time 19-week programme designed for those with existing qualifications in the ISCED field of education 0211 Audio Visual Techniques and Media Production at NFQ Level 6- seeking subject specialisation in screenwriting skills with a preference for a short term course that will provide an adjunct qualification. The programme also targets those with existing film and television production experience who may not hold a relevant qualification - seeking to change career pathway and move from production to screenwriting. The programme is also relevant to those seeking a progression pathway to degree level study with a preference for a short term course that offers subject specialism. This programme focuses on developing the skills needed to bring an idea from concept stage through to screening stage- essentially developing screen content. The programme leads to four component awards at NFQ level 6: • 6N18517 Scriptwriting for Film and Television • 6N18515 Directing Film • 6N18514 Documentary Production • 6N1949 Personal and Professional Development There are four course modules: a) Screenwriting: Story Creation, Development and Presentation b) Directing for Screenwriters c) Developing Original Documentary Content d) Professional Development Each module has a specific learning goal: • Learning Goal for Screenwriting: Story Creation, Development and Presentation: To discover the inner writing voice, through writing practice, sample scenes and creative workshops. Learners are taught the skills needed to structure a script, develop characters and write efficient dialogue. This module focuses on the process of writing a story for the screen from idea to realisation, including presenting or pitching projects for film and television. • Learning Goal for Directing for Screenwriters: To develop skills and capabilities to tell their story on the screen, and to collaborate with their peers to establish a distinctive vision on the screen. This module takes learners through the directing process with a view to helping them to become better screenwriters. Learners can see what happens to the material they have written when and scene gets up on its feet and is filmed in studio. • Learning Goal for Developing Original Documentary Content: To develop and structure a documentary in a range of genres. This module takes learners through research, development and creative planning stages of the production cycle, and how to draw from critical feedback to create a dynamic approach to the documentary narrative. • Learning Goal for Professional Development: To critique a range of work roles such as Screenwriter, Script Editor, Development Executive, Script Reader/Assistant, Writers Assistant with an overall understanding of Creative Producer, Documentary Producer and Director, and consider the skills and attributes needed in these work roles. The module examines how to use appraisal methods as part of an ongoing professional development strategy to gain experience and progress in an identified work role. Theoretical learning supports and enriches practice learning. Over the course of the 19 weeks, learners will create and develop a range of production ready screen media projects.

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Media Production




Documentary Production




Directing Film




Scriptwriting for Film and Television




Personal and Professional Development



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