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Diploma in Big Data for Business

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This Diploma in Big Data for Business has been designed to meet the growing need for graduates with data science skills in the light of increasing applications of new and existing technologies and techniques such as statistical analysis, business information and data visualisation across many industries throughout the global economy. Given the rapid growth in internet data usage, the shift to cloud computing, and the rate at which Irish businesses integrate data and analytics into their daily operations, Big Data is an identifiable discipline with a breadth and depth of content that encompasses many of the subfields (e.g. information systems, business intelligence, data visualisation all contribute to forming the modern big data ecosystem). Semester one lays the groundwork for the programme and encompasses modules that focus on providing a solid and comprehensive understanding of the relevant concepts, a proficiency in the use of project management skills to plan to gather, analyse, process and visualise data, and maths and statistics for big data. Learners develop advanced applied skills in essential areas such as statistical tools and techniques on complex data sets, while also offering theoretical knowledge of business application. Semester two builds on this by covering advanced modules in which the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired in the first semester can be employed. Semester two modules offer advanced and applied skills in topics such as Information systems, databases and data visualisation. In semester three the learners apply a variety of skills in practical modules of Databases and Business Intelligence and Analysis. In addition, the programme aims to incorporate advanced transversal skills in each module for the professional development of learners to enhance their employability options. This will enable the learner to integrate seamlessly into an organisation by addressing skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, time management and academic writing that are essential for a graduate. It is a 1-year programme with six 10 ECTS taught modules.

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Dublin Business School Exams Office, 13/14 Aungier Street,, Dublin 2 , D02 WC04. 01 417 7500