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Certificate in Strategies of Learning and Teaching for P-Tech

Programme Purpose

Mirroring the structure and learning outcomes of the existing “Strategies of Learning and Teaching” module in the MA in Educational Practice, this programme provides the context for learners to engage with and reflect on the use of a wide range of instructional strategies. The programme is structured around three core areas of professional development: theoretical foundations; professional studies; and educational practice. Reflective practice and critical engagement with theory, practice and context are key features of the module as participants will need to be able to adapt, evaluate and innovate their teaching and assessment strategies to their teaching context. The curriculum provides a rich and varied set of teaching, learning and assessment experiences to enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and competences required to teach and assess P-TECH modules at senior cycle in the post-primary setting. The programme introduces a range of pedagogic strategies, assessment approaches and theoretical foundations appropriate to teaching P-TECH modules and introduces learners to the P-TECH ‘Abilities Framework’ which provides an important structure for the learning, achievements and assessment of P-TECH students. It furthermore outlines the specific values and ethos underpinning the delivery of P-TECH modules where a strong emphasis is placed on building P-TECH students’ confidence and self-belief through authentic workplace experiences and project work as well as supporting opportunities for students’ future learning and career pathways. While the programme is a stand-alone micro-credential, learners are encouraged to progress to the Certificate in Educational Practice for P-TECH by completing the practise-based module. This will enhance students’ learning and provide a key opportunity to implement their learning and engage in continued reflection on their practice and the impact of the modules on the P-TECH students.

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