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Certificate in Data Governance and Cybersecurity

Programme Purpose

The aim of the Data Governance and Cybersecurity micro-credential programme is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and competence around security and data governance. The programme provides learners with data management and cyber skills to understand the current cyber landscape, identify common threats to data assets, and plan appropriate measures and controls to safeguard data assets. The Data Governance and Cybersecurity micro-credential programme aims to give learners a systematic understanding of key aspects and activities of the data lifecycle management including data classification, data quality, and data risk management. Finally, the programme will also introduce the learner to the regulatory frameworks surrounding financial technology and foundational activities such as security, data protection, and compliance. The Data Governance and Cybersecurity micro-credential aims to develop students with a T-shaped profile; i.e., professionals that comprehend foundational elements of FinTech in conjunction with the security risks, security measures, and information practices needed for the successful implementation of real-world problems. It is also aimed at upskilling/reskilling learners from technical backgrounds on the fundamental skills needed to enter the fintech industry. This programme would also be relevant for technical staff working within companies to enhance their ability to work with and understand their colleagues in IT security teams. It also would enable those in non-technical roles to apply for opportunities within technical departments within their workplace. This micro-credential programme could also be considered as a ‘taster course’ for those that might wish to consider retraining or pursuing a career in fintech, cybersecurity, data management or exploring study opportunities within NCI or elsewhere. Its content spans features that are often listed within job descriptors for data-related roles such as analysts or data engineers, principally: • Access Management • Data protection • Governance • Threat/Vulnerability Assessment

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