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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing

Programme Purpose

Computing is the most robust industry in the world and information systems, cloud computing, web security and data management play a leading role in the information technology and computing industries as well as the majority of businesses. Ireland has witnessed an increased need for computing specialists, who have core foundational computer science skills and who can apply these skills to business and technology. The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing (240 ECTS) programme provides the academic knowledge and practical skills needed for a foundational computing qualification with further specialisation possible in the areas of web and mobile, data analytics, software development, databases and security, etc. The aim of the programme is to deliver high-quality, educated and informed graduates with understanding of core computer technologies and information systems while also having the requisite up-to-date practical technical skills in these areas. In addition, the proposed programme will enhance the learner’s employability by addressing and developing competencies in communication, self-management, and teamwork. Stage one lays the groundwork for the programme and encompasses mostly foundational modules that focus on providing a solid and comprehensive understanding of the relevant concepts such as programming fundamentals, computer architecture, information systems and mathematics and statistics for computing, introduction to web development and cloud computing. Learners will also develop skills such as Information and Communications Technology Essentials and logic and problem solving. Stage two will build on the knowledge developed at Stage one in object-oriented programming, data communications and networks, algorithms and data structures, database systems, software engineering, web development and operating systems. In addition, learners will gain an understanding of principles of professional practice in IT project management. Stage three will further advance learners’ knowledge and practical skills in advanced web design, systems analysis and design and introduction to data science. Learners professional development will be further enhanced through the work placement component. Stage four (Award) will complete learners instruction with Cybersecurity plus two electives from either the software ware development stream (Mobile & Social Computing and Cloud Platform Development) or the Data Analytics stream (Data Mining & Big Data Analytics and Big Data: Achieving Scale). Learners will complete their award stage with a capstone project. On completion of this programme, learners will have the theoretical and practical skills in the area of information systems with computing skills; they will have the technical competencies and soft, transversal skills that are necessary in any business environment. This programme accommodates a wide audience of learners whose specific interests in computing may either be technically-focused or business-focused. It is a 4 year full-time programme of 240 ECTS.

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