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Bachelor of Business

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The Bachelor of Business programme provides a solid understanding of general business theory and practice and engages learners in a comprehensive analysis of business organisations, functions, processes and management techniques. The programme is organised around five learning pillars which focus on the development of knowledge skills and competencies in Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, IT and Learning. Learners will benefit from gaining knowledge and understanding the vital role that effective leadership and communication have in business along with acquiring insights into human resource management, economics, innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, learners will gain transversal skills such as communication, presentation and written ability along with numerical and digital literacy. These skills are not related to any business area but are useful across a variety of disciplines. In their final year, learners have the opportunity to continue on the general Bachelor of Business programme or specialise in accounting and finance, marketing or information technology. In addition, simulated work-based learning is embedded in year three to help learners to use and develop work-based skills to prepare them for the workplace. Through this programme, learners will acquire work-aligned skills that will prepare them for the challenges posed by the dynamic nature of the modern business environment and enable them to make an effective contribution to the resolution of business problems. Graduates will be eligible for junior management or higher administrative roles within a business environment. Those who successfully complete the Bachelor of Business may be eligible for transfer to the final year of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business programme (Level 8 award) or related Level 8 undergraduate programmes. Graduates may also be in a position to take up further Level 8 conversion programmes such as a Higher Diploma. The Bachelor of Business is a three-year full-time or four-year part-time programme (180 ECTS) credits. In this ordinary bachelor’s degree programme, learners study common subjects in first year and second year, followed by flexibility and specialism in third year subject choice. This allows learners in year three to orientate their studies towards preferred subjects or to choose disciplines in which they have demonstrated strength in years one and two.

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Dublin Business School Exams Office, 13/14 Aungier Street,, Dublin 2 , D02 WC04. 01 417 7500