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Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Artificial Intelligence

Programme Purpose

The Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Artificial Intelligence is an embedded award in the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. The Postgraduate Diploma is offered as a separate entrance and exit award and will be of interest to those who wish to complete the taught component only of this programme. This programme aims to develop learners within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) discipline and involves advanced skills in many of the subfields (e.g., software development, machine learning, human/machine interactions etc.) that form the modern computing ecosystem. Semester one (FT) lays the groundwork for the programme and encompasses mostly foundational modules that focus on providing a solid and comprehensive understanding of the relevant concepts, a proficiency in the use of programming for data analytics and machine learning and pattern recognition. Learners develop advanced applied skills in essential areas such as programming, graph, machine learning and pattern recognition for AI while also offering theoretical knowledge of cognitive science. Semester two (FT) builds on this by covering advanced modules in which the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired in the first semester can be employed. Semester two modules offer applied skills in topics such as deep learning, reinforcement learning and natural language processing, as well as recommender systems. The programme also incorporates professional development for learners to enhance their employability options. This will enable the learner to integrate seamlessly into an organisation by addressing skills such as awareness to social media, leadership, self-management, teamwork and academic writing that are essential for a Level 9 graduate. The duration of the postgraduate programme is two semesters full-time and three semesters part-time and is comprised of four taught modules of 5 ECTS along with four taught modules of 10 ECTS each.

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Dublin Business School Exams Office, 13/14 Aungier Street,, Dublin 2 , D02 WC04. 01 417 7500