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Certificate in Non Profit Leadership and Management

Programme Purpose

The course will focus on very specific and emerging managerial issues in the sector, which are not generally found in conventional MA/MSc/MBA programmes, other than those which focus exclusively on the Non Profit sector. There are both thematic and content differences between this proposed programme and more conventional Management/Introduction to Management programmes typically found in Level 9 Business programmes internationally. The Leadership components of this Certificate are similar to most Leadership courses found at MBA/MSc level, with the exceptions of a focus on applied leadership competencies, drawn from the literature and a reflective approach to lifetime learning around leadership behaviours. Learners receive very specific 360-degree feedback on their own leadership behaviours as seen by their peers, colleagues, direct reports etc. using a validated instrument. The managerial portions of the programme (10 of 15 ECTS) addresses, in a foundational way, many of the contemporary issues faced by Irish managers in the non-profit sector. Topics and skills such as Reflective Practice, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence at work, Non Profit Governance, Managing Culture, HR and Performance Management, Impact Measurement, Change Management, Influencing Government and Advocacy, Information Management, Social Media and Personal Presentation skills differentiate the programme from conventional management programmes. The knowledge base is developed from an empirical perspective, the core focus of which is on helping learners migrate the knowledge base into a new set of competencies. Overall this programme seeks to ensure graduates develop some personal competencies in general management, specific to the non-profit sector, but as an antecedent to further study, as well as a formation in critical thinking, analytical and business skills necessary for modern not for profit enterprises. At the core of the programme is the objective to ensure that graduates become reflective, thoughtful leaders who collaborate, create and share knowledge in order to deal with the complexities of the dynamic third sector and have a sound theoretical foundation to managerial practices and the behaviours of good leaders.

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